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JIS F-7121 Marine Can Water Filters / JIS F-7121 Marine Basket Strainers

JIS F-7121 Marine Can Water Filters

Purple Engineering is providing all different formats of JIS F-7121 Marine Can Water Strainers in Australia. Marine Can Water Strainers are coming in three formats: JIS F-7121 S Type (for Straight), JIS F-7121 LA Type (for left turn) & JIS F-7121 LB Type (for right turn).
Please download our spec sheet related to this line:

JIS F-7121 S Type Marine Can Water Filters / S Type Basket Strainers

JIS 7121 Marine Strainer JIS F 7121 Marine Can Water Filters
Model Name Type S.LA.LB Flange Size Unit Weight/kg
JIS F-7121-20A & 25A 20A & 25A JIS 3/4" & 1" 7.00
JIS F-7121-32A & 40A 32A & 40A JIS 1 1/4" & 1 1/2" 8.70
JIS F-7121-50A 50A  JIS 2" 10.50
JIS F-7121-60A 65A  JIS 2 1/2" 19.40
JIS F-7121-80A 80A   JIS 3" 26.00
JIS F-7121-100A 100A  JIS 4" 36.30
JIS F-7121-125A 125A  JIS 5" 64.50
JIS F-7121-150A 150A JIS 6" 89.50
JIS F-7121-200A  200A JIS 8" 156.00
JIS F-7121-250A  250A JIS 10" 283.00
JIS F-7121-300A 300A JIS 12" 384.00
JIS F-7121-350A 350A JIS 14" 491.00
JIS F-7121-400A 400A JIS 16" 638.00
JIS F-7121-450A 450A JIS 18" 1050.00
JIS F-7121-500A  500A JIS 20" 1270.00

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