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Duplex Strainers

Duplex Basket Strainer

Duplex Basket Strainers are designed for use in fluid handling systems where the flow cannot be shut down for basket cleaning such as cooling water, compressors, condensers, fire lines, fuel lines, lubrication systems, and salt and fresh water systems. Not recommended for steam service.

These Duplex strainers use 3-way balls as diverter valves. This design with its PTFE seats provides bubble-tight shut-off, eliminating the costly and potentially dangerous leakage into the chamber not in use. The two part body casting allows true-inline maintainability. All parts of the valve are accessible after removing the basket chamber without removing the strainer from the line. A gear operator is standard on the 4" & 6" units, allowing for a very easy change over. On models with a handle, the chamber in use is covered by the handle preventing accidental opening of the pressurized chamber and allowing easy access to the side to be serviced. The large open area ratio of the basket assures a minimum pressure drop across the unit. Perforated stainless steel (304) baskets are standard on all models, with mesh lining optional.

Larger Fabricated Duplex Strainers are coming with butterfly valve system for easier operation

Duplex Strainer

Larger Fabricated Duplex Strainers are also availabel with 3 way ball valve for higher pressure ratings

Duplex Strainer

Our Flanged Duplex Strainers are coming in undrilled flanges that you can match them with any type of flange you have on site

Table E Duplex Strainer

Duplex Strainers are available in:

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