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    A fabricated duplex strainer made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) offers some unique advantages. Our FRP duplexes are very corrosion and abrasion resistant, but are much cheaper than duplexes made of other corrosion/abrasion resistant materials such as Monel. In addition, FRP duplexes are much lighter and are field repairable unlike their metal alternatives.

    Because of these characteristics, Our FRP duplexes are often used for services including salt water, brine, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and other corrosive chemicals. For slurry services, this particular design with the butterfly valves (also non-metallic) is preferred over ball valve designs.

    plastic basket strainer, plastic replacement basket

    The baskets for FRP duplex strainer can be suited to meet the specific needs of the application. Beyond basic requirements for open area and hole openings (see our Screen and Basket Selection), We offer a variety of materials for the baskets. Baskets, as seen to the left, can be purchased in polypropylene and other non-metal varieties. We also can provide wedge wire, Duplex Stainless Steel, Hastelloy and other exotic screen materials to best accommodate the particular service.

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